The Best (and Worst) Day to List a Home in Denville, NJ

The Best (and Worst) Day to List a Home in Denville, NJ

  • Jennifer Pickett
  • 10/19/22

Real estate success involves brilliant technique and solid marketing decisions. For a winning home sales experience, keep these tips in mind before listing your home on the market.

Closer to the weekend is prime listing time

Thursday is the best day to share your Denville home for sale online. Several factors lead to this conclusion. Generally, the shorter a house is on the market, the more successful the sale. Potential home buyers are scrolling through advertisements on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, so putting a fresh listing right before will attract more attention. This minute detail garners enormous results: Thursday listings sell eight days faster than other listings, with even Saturday and Monday taking seven days longer than Thursdays. A few days on the market can make or break your chance for profit, so be sure to take note.

Thursday listings drive up the sale price

Roughly a fifth of real estate agents reports the fourth day of the work week as the best to boost the sale price. Many realtors post the online advertisement no later than 9:30 am to meet processing and editing deadlines. This ensures it is up long before the Thursday evening rush. Social media content should be available in time for the weekend warriors. Many buyers will see the listing and be eager to stop at your open house.

Plan for a crowd

Now that you’ve hooked your target audience, it’s time to prepare for a busy open house. Schedule this the weekend after your listing, creating a strong temptation for an impulse purchase. Staging is the most crucial task for preparation. Get rid of clutter, spruce up the landscaping, and get the place spic and span. Hopefully, you’ve had the chance to take care of any repairs long before posting your house for sale in Denville, NJ. Put down a sign-up sheet for names, phone numbers, and emails so your Denville realtor can get in touch with guests. With the best of results, you’ll have offers rolling in by Monday.

Warm weather drives market performance

Good strategy involves thinking about the best time of year along with the best day. Sales records show spring is the best season to list a house. May has the highest profit with a whopping 13.4% seller return, while December generates only 5.8%. This is not an arbitrary result: home shoppers are eager to get out in the sun and walk around during this phase of the year. Homes on the market have a spectacular appearance, with budding flowers, lush trees covered in green leaves, and thick green lawns. Home buyers have the energy to burn with longer sunshine hours and are tempted by the house’s gorgeous exterior. Put yourself in the buyers’ perspectives, and you’ll be sure to have success in the market.

Avoid poor timing

While we’ve talked about good times to sell, it’s vital to know the worst times. With open houses completed and a week before a new set, Sunday is the worst day to list. In fact, with the rise in popularity of virtual open houses, trying to hold a Sunday open house might be futile. Stick to Thursday listings and Saturday open houses, and you’ll see the results of a good strategy.

Cold months mean cold sales

Winter is the worst time to start the selling process. Families are busy with holidays and won’t have time to think about searching for online ads and calling real estate agents. They will want to stay warm inside and forego driving in the ice and snow for viewings.
Of course, with any rule comes exceptions. Some regions of the country and the globe have mild weather year-round, so the time of year won’t make as much of a difference. Tropical climates like Florida or Hawaii fall into this category. Buyers who haven’t had luck in the spring or summer might still be searching for a home. Their goal will be to start the next year fresh in a new location. If it turns out you need to list during the Fall or Winter months, this is your target market.

A backup option

The virtual open house is an excellent second method if your efforts do not yield any rewards. Designing an online showing that can be shared on social media will generate a broader following. This action might reach buyers who work weekends, changed their minds and didn’t visit the open house, or simply hadn’t heard about it. Anyone that sees the post can click and share, opening exposure to friends and family. The latest technology adds advantages such as 3D effects, lead capture, superior audio and video, and other benefits that bolster sales. Buyers in the Denville real estate market can control their searching experience by narrowing down their desired locale, home type, price, etc. This is good for sellers as you’ll be talking to legitimate leads instead of wasting time with people who aren’t looking for your home. Increase visibility with a live virtual showing and then share it, making it permanently available to your target market.

Create a listing that stands out

No matter what day or season you post your home, the quality of the listing will affect your results. A sharp headline will pop out quickly and prompt buyers to click on your ad before others. A good one will have adjectives about the home that make it distinctive, something like, “Dream away in this five-bedroom Colonial in Morris County” or “Find fulfillment in this rustic townhouse situated in historic Denville.” Delineate amenities and upgrades to the home within the body of your listing. A newly renovated kitchen with a cooking island and cherrywood cabinets must be noted. If your backyard patio deck allows a comprehensive countryside view, mention it. The internet has hidden advantages: linking your open house or virtual staging within your listing creates even more exposure. Home shoppers can click anytime 24/7, save the link, share it, or view it multiple times. Including these features will smoke your competition.
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