The Benefits of Working With a Morristown Real Estate Agent

The Benefits of Working With a Morristown Real Estate Agent

  • Jennifer Pickett
  • 07/17/22

Starting on your homebuying and home-selling journey is exciting. But like with any exciting adventure, it's important to have a guide who knows the terrain and helps you enjoy every step of the process to your next home. Whether you're looking for a new home in Morristown, New Jersey, or you're selling your current one, an experienced Morristown Realtor can help you prepare for the process, negotiate and manage offers, and feel satisfied at the end of the journey.

Jennifer Pickett is an experienced Morristown Realtor who can help you sell your current home or successfully negotiate for and purchase your dream Morristown property in the area. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of working with a Morristown real estate agent from the start of your homebuying process, or scroll down to learn more about how we can help you strategically sell your home.

10 Benefits of Working With a Morristown Real Estate Agent When You're Buying a Home

No matter where you are in the process of buying a new home, an experienced real estate agent can streamline the process, give you additional insights into the properties you're interested in, and give you peace of mind from start to finish. Homebuyers can enjoy these benefits of working with a Morristown Realtor when you work with Jennifer Pickett's team:

1. Enjoy a more comprehensive home search

Browsing through the properties on Zillow and can be enjoyable. You learn more about common styles of homes and the price range many sellers are looking for. But licensed real estate agents have access to a more extensive database of Morristown-area properties on the market through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This database gives Realtors insight into upcoming listings, price changes, and more detailed property descriptions. Once you're working with a professional, they can extend this access to you, so you receive regular updates and a filtered list of properties that meet your criteria.

2. Have an expert view of the local housing market

Like with any investment, expertise is essential for making the right choice at the right time. The national, state-level, and local housing markets are constantly shifting, and changes in supply and demand can radically change availability, pricing, and even contractual norms. Real estate agents have a finger on the market's pulse and can tell you how prices, timelines, and seller requirements are changing. Realtors, alongside the ethical obligations of all real estate agents, are responsible for acting as fiduciaries. That means they must give you insights and advice that is accurate, responsible, and in your best interests (even over their own).

3. Choose from a curated list of ideal properties

Morristown is home to a wide variety of historic properties, townhomes, and single-family residences. If you already know what you're looking for and don't want to browse through the entire catalog of available options, your real estate agent can provide a curated home search experience. They can filter out homes that fall outside your price range, don't have the square footage or the number of bedrooms you're looking for, or have other property features you aren't interested in. As a result, you can explore — virtually or in person — only those properties that meet your expectations.

4. Get the benefit of a Morristown realtor's experience

Working with a local real estate agent is a great way to know more about the properties in the area, particulars about the locale, and tidbits of helpful information like common commute times, unique weather and climate factors, and even the ambiance of the neighborhood you're interested in. Use their long history of living and working in the community to choose the perfect home for your lifestyle.

Even better, experienced Realtors know the ins and outs of real estate negotiations in the area, not just real estate overall. They can advise you on sellers' expectations regarding leasebacks, termination option periods, and more.

5. Make competitive offers faster

In a highly competitive housing market, speed matters. Even when sellers aren't requesting all offers to be submitted by a set date (a practice known as calling for last and best offers), many sellers may be waiting to move into a new property or are overwhelmed by multiple competing offers. The ability to act quickly and decisively can get your offer noticed. A real estate agent can write up your offer quickly, with all the appropriate details and fields, so you can sign it digitally and put your best foot forward without delay.

6. Book more showings and tours that fit your preferences

Today's real estate environment is a mix of virtual and in-person experiences, and there's nowhere that's clearer than when it comes to showings. When you work with a real estate agent from the start, they can digitally book showings from their phones and give you a tour of properties with little to no fuss or delays. Whether you have a tight schedule or the perfect home just appeared on MLS, your agent can book a showing, unlock the door, and let you decide if the home is the right fit.

7. Gain access to their vendor list

During the homebuying journey, you'll work with a lot of different professionals. Before you own the home, you'll work with a lender, a home inspector, an appraiser, and a title company. After you close on the house, you may want a general contractor, a plumber, an electrician, or an interior designer who can upgrade or customize the home. Local real estate agents can help you find the right professionals for your projects and preferences based on a long history of excellent past performance.

8. Negotiate a stronger agreement

Real estate agents know all the ins and outs of contract negotiations. As the market gets more competitive, strategic adjustments surrounding partial appraisal waivers, smaller option periods, leasebacks, and numerous other changes beyond the flat offer price can make all the difference. When you work with a local Realtor, they can guide you through this process, so you know what you're offering and can make more nuanced offers where everyone wins — without feeling like you're being taken advantage of or losing out on your dream home.

9. Spot problems quickly.

Real estate agents see dozens of different homes. They have unique insight into whether a property looks like it's been well-cared-for or had a rushed series of cosmetic upgrades, if the asking price isn't a good fit based on the home's value, and if there's a mismatch between the property and surrounding comparable properties. While a Realtor can't take the place of a home inspector and won't be able to inspect the home for you, their guidance is invaluable. Their ability to spot problems and past repairs is especially crucial if you're moving from outside of the area.

10. Enjoy the white-glove treatment.

Ultimately, a real estate agent is your guide to a smoother, faster, and less stressful homebuying process. Contact Jennifer Pickett's office today to let us know what your dream home looks like, and we'll start working with you to find the perfect home for you and your family.

4 Benefits of Working With a Morristown Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

If you're selling your home, there's no better resource than an experienced listing agent who can help you throughout the preparing, staging, negotiating, and selling process. Some key benefits of working with a Morristown real estate agent like Jennifer Pickett include:

1. Maximize your home's potential selling price

Realtors can recommend fair listing prices based on their understanding of the market's fluctuations, local demand, and the features of your home. Pricing your home at just the right number is crucial for getting fast offers and building up the demand that can lead to multiple prospective buyers with higher offers.

2. Get advice on your ideal offer; go beyond pricing terms

There's more to consider, and more you can ask for, than simply a high offer price. For example, you can request a leaseback if you're in the middle of your own home search and want extra time to move out. You can also ask for an appraisal waiver to ensure the sale closes with as little turbulence and uncertainty as possible. A local Realtor is your guide to all the different options at your disposal, so you set expectations for an offer you want to see.

3. Get more peace of mind.

Selling your home can be overwhelming. But an experienced real estate agent can manage the entire process, so nothing falls through the cracks. They will inform you of new offers, help you make decisions regarding your marketing and negotiations, and provide a smoother process with less back-and-forth.

4. Work with the same team to buy your next home.

Are you looking to downsize or upgrade to a bigger home? There are many reasons to sell your current home and move to a different property in the same area. If you want to stay local, finding a real estate team that can help you sell your current home and purchase a new one makes both transactions more enjoyable. They can help you juggle the timelines for selling and buying, give you insight into both sides of the process, and enjoy the entire process of saying goodbye to your current home and coming home to your new house.

Trust Jennifer Pickett to Help Your Buy or Sell Your Morristown Property

Finding the right Realtor sets the stage for a smooth, rewarding, and even fun process of selling or buying a home. Jennifer Pickett and her team of real estate experts are here to help, no matter where you are in your real estate journey in or around Morristown.

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